Concealed Carry of Firearms in Illinois

Gun owners in Illinois are required to maintain a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card. This license enables individuals in the state to legally possess firearms and ammunition. Residents looking to carry their handguns concealed on their person must obtain additional documentation called a Concealed Carry Permit. Concealed Carry Permit Qualifications Anyone seeking a concealed…

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Criminal Damage to Property in Illinois

Halloween is a good time to review Criminal Damage to Property charges in Illinois. This holiday encourages harmless pranks and antics, but sometimes young people can get carried away, make mistakes, and need the assistance of a defense attorney to protect them from harsh punishments. While there are a variety of crimes that are considered…

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Burglary in the State of Illinois

There are a variety of burglary charges that defendants may encounter depending on the circumstances of their arrest. Let’s review a few of the most common types of burglary charges that individuals face in Illinois and how a criminal defense attorney can help you fight these charges in a court of law. Burglary According to…

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