Understanding Identity Theft Charges

According to Steve Bernas, President and CEO of Chicago’s Better Business Bureau, identity theft is the fastest growing white collar crime. Recently, there’s been a huge spike in identity theft instances due to Covid-19. People are stealing personal information in an attempt to falsely file for unemployment. Identity theft is a serious crime that could…

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Child Access Prevention and Firearms

Child access prevention laws protect minors from getting a hold of guns. These laws serve many purposes, but their primarily purpose is protecting young people from self-harming. One University of Indianapolis study found that having a firearm in the home increased the risk of teen and pre-teen suicide. According to another study, almost 5 million…

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Trespassing Charges in Illinois

Trespassing in Illinois means more than simply walking through private property without an invitation. In fact, a person can be charged with trespassing if they enter a residence, a vehicle, an airport, state supported land, and more. Oddly enough, this past month Chicagoan Adam Hollingsworth, known as the Dreadhead Cowboy, was charged with trespassing for…

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